Garden Fencing Installation & Repair London

Our company know how to install and repair any type of wooden fence, so it will last for years in your garden. A fence is a necessity when it comes to yard and garden design. It not only provides privacy, but also helps divide up the garden into designated spaces. The thing is, installing and repairing fence panels isn’t easy.

We make sure to take care of everything with our London wooden fence installing service. We take care of all necessary materials such as the standard wooden lap panels or custom built close board panels. If you want, we can make your posts out of wood or concrete. Our technicians use their own tools as well. It’s up to you to decide on the size and colour of the fencing.

Need an emergency fence repair? We offer a service that includes the repair or replacement of broken and damaged fencing panels and boards. We can make your garden fencing look like new again.

Here are a few types of garden fencing that we service.

  • Picket fences
  • Bamboo fencing
  • Bamboo screening
  • Garden fence panels
  • Willow screening
  • Garden screening

Why Choose us for Garden Fencing Service?


Our garden fencing can work in a wide variety of properties. After the seeing the job and having a consultation with you, our team will know exactly what kind of improvements you want for your property.

However, in addition to the good service, there are a few additional things that we offer.

  • Our team is experienced and carry public liability insurance.
  • FREE on-site surveys of properties within the greater London area.
  • We come up with a definitive quote for the completion of your job.
  • We carry a wide range of fencing materials you can choose from.
  • We use top-notch equipment and tools to do their job.

Garden Design

Share your ideas with a 5+ year experienced landscape gardeners and get a free 3D design concept that is designed bespoke to your ideas and requirements.

Garden Construction

Build your ideas into a reality with our construction team. A skilled team with years of experience with every aspect of landscaping all in one company.

Garden Maintenance

Once your bespoke garden is designed to your specifications, it is important it is kept looking great. Our service takes care of everything for you.

What Does Fence Installation Service Include?


No matter what type of garden fencing it is that you want, we can do it for you. However, before we start there are a few things that we need to do first.

Survey – So first we are going to send one of the team members to your place to take measurements and look at the job. You can use this time to explain to him exactly what you want. While the specialist is there, he will be able to determine the everything that needs to be done so the job can be completed.

Quote – After this is done we will contact you in about 3 or so days with an offer. This will be the final quote and will include the costs of the materials for the job.

Set Dates – As long as you are happy with the said quote, then we can make further arrangements. The team will come to your property at a time that is convenient for you and install or repair the fences.

Some of the Areas We Service

Get Your Free Consultation & Garden Design!

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  • Discuss your ideas with a 7+ year experienced landscaper
  • View our previous garden designs
  • Book a suitable time and date for your garden survey

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