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You can make your garden look better in the evening by using our garden lighting London installation service. This creates a bunch of different possibilities on how to decorate your garden.

Our team can provide you with garden lights installation all over the London area, no matter what type of home you have. We also have a lot of different designs and styles. Whether you want electric, LED or even solar lights, you can be sure that we can install them on your garden, deck, patio, or other areas around your home.

Why Choose us for Garden Lighting London?

No matter if you want outdoor led lighting or solar garden lights, you can be sure that they will be installed properly and you can’t start using them fast. One good thing about outdoor garden lighting is that it will increase the value of your London home. This is just only one of the many benefits that are available for you. Here are some other ones:

  • Hold parties and other events with ease.
  • It’s much safer to walk around at night in your garden.
  • Our team of Insured, diligent staff will work on your project.
  • You can now enjoy your garden during night time.
  • We deliver the materials and products right to your place.

Garden Design

Share your ideas with a 5+ year experienced landscape gardeners and get a free 3D design concept that is designed bespoke to your ideas and requirements.

Garden Construction

Build your ideas into a reality with our construction team. A skilled team with years of experience with every aspect of landscaping all in one company.

Garden Maintenance

Once your bespoke garden is designed to your specifications, it is important it is kept looking great. Our service takes care of everything for you.

What Does Our Garden Lighting Service Include?

Before we begin with any work at your property there are a few things we need to do:

Survey – First you must make an appointment for a viewing. We will send one of our crew to your place to do a site survey. He will consult you to understand exactly what you are looking for and determine the amount of work that will be necessary for the job.

Quote – After the survey, we will contact you within 3 days with a final quote for the project.

Set Dates – If you are OK with the price then we can get started. We can bring all the materials and lighting that will be used to your place. These costs will be included in the final quote we offer you. We’ll set a date for the start of the job.

An important note is that before the installation of lights takes place, some kind of garden clearance would be needed.

Garden Lighting FAQ

So, are you interested in getting some lighting for your outdoor garden but have a few questions still? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

Q: How big should outdoor lights be?
A: The size of the outdoor lights depends mainly on the surface or area you want to light up. You can’t install the same size of outdoor lights on decking and a front door. The best option is to contact us and schedule a property viewing, so that you can discuss the details such as size and style with our experts.

Q: Where can you install outdoor lights?
A: Here are a few of the places that we can install garden lighting systems: patios, decks, along pathways and driveways, on fences and stairs. All you have to do is tell us where you want the lights and we’ll create a plan for you and do everything, including wiring and attaching from start to finish.

Q: Can you string lights on an outdoor tree?
A: Yes. We can help to light up your garden by decorating trees and shrubs with string lights or by installing solar lights in garden beds.

Q: Why should I consider outdoor lights for my garden?
A: Probably the number one reason you should install exterior lights is security. If you light up a dark areas on your property, it will greatly discourage burglars. Another reason you should consider is safety. If pathways, driveways and steps are lit up it will ensure your family and guests won’t trip and fall. The final advantage of lighting is you can use it to make the outdoor features look better at night.

Q: How much does outdoor lighting installation cost?
A: When it comes to lighting projects, there isn’t a set price most of the time. The price depends on what materials are used and the size of the area you want to be illuminated. We can give you a proper quote after an on-site survey where one of our team will discuss the job with you.

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